At “Indian City” we recommend you to reserve a table before you come to our restaurant, which will allow us to provide you with great service and for you to enjoy your time. You can always call us if you need any help with the menu or any other suggestions.
You can also make a reservation by calling 0207 583 4673 or 0207 353 5525

Please note: For a table of 15 or more, we require a £100 deposit to confirm the booking. This amount will be deducted from your total bill on the event day. The amount is not refundable unless you give us a notice of at least 48 hours of any cancellation.

*A seating policy of 2 hours applies. Large groups may be extended
* Each person is required to order a main dish
* A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill at the end

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